SADELEWA Means, Dear Sade

We are sisters and Friends from Houston and Atlanta ‘’BASED IN Atlanta’’ as current college students in business and management, this pandemic has greatly inspired us to follow through with our business ideas and aspirations to Start a business selling products and tools we use on a daily as an independent hairstylist myself. I Folasade acquired 5years of hair styling experience Braiding hair, starting as a teenages up until now in college, a skill that I Pleasantly  translate and showcase through our brand’s Instagram Feed . Our Mission is to provide top quality hair products for all hair types, and enjoying the fulfillment of owning and managing a business.

The two Lady's featured on our Logo represents our Grandmothers on both sides of the family, watching over us and leading us to the path of least resistance.

What to expect from us: SadeLewaCosmetics provides the highest quality hair products in the industry, while guarantee professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.


SadeLewaCosmetics Works with a team of Engineers that has been formulating hair Products for companies around the world since '07, and is dedicated to provide you with their top formulated organic ingredients. 



 Folasade, FatouJ, Folake

Contact Info: 678-460-6914